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Rear Sniper Bag for Prone Rifle Shooting

Rear Sniper Bag for Prone Rifle Shooting. An essential for precision shooting in the field. Bag goes underneath the stock of your rifle, near your shoulder. Provides a rock-solid shooting rest, with infinite adjustment when squeezed with your off hand. Built with High Density lightweight polymer beads, all with rounded surfaces for good response.

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Rear Sniper Bag for Prone Rifle Shooting. Made from ultra durable, flexible nylon fabric.

Filled with HDPE polymer beans for light weight and smooth rounded surfaces that respond to squeezing.

Designed to have three base bag positions by laying flat, on its side, and on end.

The AMS Rear Sniper Bean Bag can be adjusted by squeezing and molding into shape. A nylon webbing strap is attached diagonally for looping around your rifle or hand.

Includes small nylon loop for hooking to carabiner.

Many bags are overfilled and inflexible, the AMS sniper bag seeks to be the right fill amount for a sturdy shooting platform, while still allowing for good point of aim adjustment.

Fabric repels water and dust. Bag will work consistently when bone dry, or soaking wet, unlike bags filled with sand or wood pellets. Approximate dimensions: 2 x 5 x 6 Inches.


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